Korra’s animal guide is a polar bear-dog, a species that is feared and hunted by the members of her tribe. They’re known to be feral, powerful, deadly. Korra sees one and takes it home as a freaking pet. 

And then Korra’s friends are these people almost no one would typically associate with. Two of them are orphans who grew up on the streets, forgotten by literally everyone in the world. They hold former ties to criminality and dangerous triads. Then another one is the daughter of a convicted terrorist, and that alone would make anyone naturally suspicious over loyalties. But Korra just accepts all of them whole-heartedly and invites them into her life, ultimately bringing out the best in all of them. She can see so much good where other people cannot, and I just find that so admirable. 

I think it’s easy to overlook, but when Iroh told Korra that “things that seem frightening in the dark often become welcoming when we shine a light on them,” he was reminding her of something she already knew instead of telling her something new.

Korra basically doesn’t care about anything other than a person’s present and their future potential.  Kai might have intended to take advantage of her and Tenzin’s good will, but she knew he could change and that was what mattered to her.  Tarrlok bloodbent her, kidnapped her, and locked her in a box, but she still could hardly bear to see him imprisoned.  She even felt upset that she couldn’t save Unalaq, in spite of all the pain he caused her.

It’s no wonder that Unalaq’s talk about there being no evil spirits and finding the light in the dark resonated with her, and why she ended up convinced that spirits and humanity should be given the chance to intermingle once again in spite of what had happened in Wan’s time.

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This was ad-libbed by the voice actor, Craig Ferguson and they chose to keep it in because they loved it. Kids won’t get it but adults will be thinking “did he just imply what I think he implied?”

And later the director confirmed it.

DeBlois revealed that, the reason Gobber never got married, is because he is homosexual. This makes him the first homosexual character of the franchise, and even DreamWorks itself.


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I also found this $5 toothless figurine at target and it was already pretty cute but I went “how can I make this even cuter

here’s what the original toothless figurine looked like, pre-painting (I forgot to take before pics so here’s a picture of it from amazon). I also filled in some gaps in his tail with epoxy putty and sanded his edges a little.

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[ snort here’s something a little happier i guess xD ]


Also my camera absolutely sucks, it can’t pick up audio the way I want it to *sobs*

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I wanna cry